Examination Dates and Locations

CITA examinations will be offered at those dental schools where contractual arrangements have been made with CITA to conduct such examinations.  Furthermore, in order for an application to be processed, the completed application and appropriate fees MUST be received on or before the established deadlines.  Applications received after a specified deadline will not be accepted for processing and will be returned to the applicant.  It should be noted that CITA uses the date of receipt, or date of completion of an online application and NOT the postmark date of the US Postal Service. CITA DOES NOT assume responsibility for problems related to insufficient postage or delays due to the United States Postal Service or other delivery agencies. 

Dental Examination
Dental Hygiene Examination
Alabama Dental Hygiene Program (ADHP) Examination

Examination Cancellation Policy

CITA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any examination where the number of candidates registered to take the examination does not, in the sole discretion of CITA,  financially justify the administration of the CITA examination or in the event of an emergency or other unforeseen circumstance that is beyond CITA’s control.  Emergency or unforeseen circumstances may include, but are not limited to, acts of nature, acts of terrorism, events resulting in the destruction of CITA office or testing site facility, loss or delays in the delivery of necessary equipments and/or supplies by a shipping agent, failure of the testing site facility to provide expected and necessary services, equipment, supplies or personnel or other similar events. 

Under no circumstance does CITA assume liability for costs incurred by candidates in preparing to take a CITA examination. This policy extends to situations where CITA might be forced to cancel an examination because of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance such as those listed above or for the lack of participants as explained above.  However, if such an examination cancellation were to occur for those reasons stated or any reason in CITA’s sole discretion, CITA would either refund those candidates application fees or reassign candidates to the next available examination site or reschedule the examination at the earliest possible date.