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Manikin Examination

Endodontic teeth may be purchased from Acadental:

Post Office Box 19567
Lenexa, KS  66215
Phone:  (913) 384-7390
Hours:  8:30 am - 5pm M-F CDT
Fax:  (775) 806-5580


Prosthodontic teeth may be purchased from Kilgore International, Inc.

36 West Pearl Street
Coldwater, MI  490326
Phone:  517-279-9000 ( 800-892-9999)
Fax: 517-278-2956

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Restorative and Periodontal Examinations

All necessary materials and instruments for the clinical procedures, other than the operating chair, light, and dental unit must be provided by the candidate. All equipment must be compatible with equipment at the testing site. Sonic/ultrasonic instruments are permissible, but they must be furnished by the candidate along with the appropriate connection mechanisms. Air-abrasive polishers are NOT permissible.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrange for his/her own handpiece, sonic/ultrasonic, and all other equipment necessary to complete the clinical examination.

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