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CITA invites educators to be a part of the test administration process

Who is CITA?

The Council of Interstate Testing Agencies, Inc. (CITA) is a non-profit corporation which serves the community as an independent regional testing agency. Regional testing agencies contract with individual boards of dentistry to administer the clinical examination required for licensure in those states/jurisdictions. CITA now administers the ADEX Dental Examination as well as the ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination. While we currently administer licensure exams in several jurisdictions, we are always looking to administer both the ADEX Dental Examination and Dental Hygiene Examination in new locations. Click on "Host an Exam at Your School" to find out more information about the benefits of bringing CITA to your school.

How is CITA Different?

Not only does CITA allow D3 candidates to participate in the licensure exam process, but candidates also receive their exam results faster through CITA than through any other organization that administers the ADEX Examination. Candidates in need of remediation have the opportunity to view the Candidate Remediation Presentations that CITA prepares and sends to the School Coordinator following the completion of the exam. Additionally, the CITA staff works closely with the School Coordinators and the candidates to ensure that each exam is run efficiently and successfully. 

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