Frequently Asked Questions

What is CITA?

The Council of Interstate Testing Agencies, Inc. (CITA) is a non-profit corporation that was founded on July 15, 2005. CITA was formed as a collaborative effort to provide clinical dental and dental hygiene licensure examination administrative services. The Council of Interstate Testing Agencies, Inc. (CITA) is an independent regional testing agency which administers the CITA examination. Regional testing agencies, such as CITA, contract with individual state boards of dentistry to administer the clinical examination required for licensure in those states. Regional testing agencies do not have the authority to license individuals or implement policy that goes beyond the laws of its member states. Furthermore, regional testing agencies should not be confused with state boards of dentistry.

How do I request a refund or transfer my examination application to another test site?

Requests MUST be made in writing to CITA via email, fax (919) 460-7715 or US Postal Service and MUST state the reason for the request or transfer. Notification will be sent immediately after a determination is made. Should a fee deferral be granted, the terms and conditions for a future examination will be included. It should be noted that a “request for” and the “granting of” a deferral does not guarantee seating at the requested examination site. Such seating will be assigned in accordance with CITA’s Seating Assignment Priorities. Fee deferrals and refunds will NOT be given for a patient's failure to appear, non-acceptability of a patient, or a candidate's inability to secure patients for the examination, as patient approval is considered part of the examination. Requests for the examination fee to be deferred to a later examination or be refunded will be as follows:

  • A full refund of all fees paid minus a $200.00 administrative fee will be granted if the request is received at least thirty (30) business days before the initial scheduled examination date; or
  • 50% of all fees paid minus a $200.00 administrative fee will be granted if the request is received at least fifteen (15) business days before the initial scheduled examination date.

Please note that requests for a fee deferral or refund may not be carried over into the next year’s examination cycle.  Requests for a fee deferral or refund received on or after the dates outlined above WILL NOT be honored, and all fees will be forfeited. A refund or fee deferral request received after the dates outlined above that is due to extenuating circumstances may be reviewed on an individual basis by the CITA Board of Directors.

If I am successful on the CITA examination, where will I be able to practice?

The CITA examination is recognized for licensure in a total of twenty-six (26) states/territories. Beginning in 2014, any Dental candidate who successfully completes ALL sections of the CITA/ADEX exam will have mobility in forty five (45) states/territories. The state board of dentistry is the agency to which a candidate must individually apply for licensure in a jurisdiction. Candidates must inform themselves of the requirements of the states in which they wish to be licensed and complete an application with the individual jurisdiction prior to undertaking any activity which may be construed as the practice of dentistry. As such, questions regarding licensure or state requirements should be addressed to the appropriate state board of dentistry.

Once I pass the CITA examination will I automatically be allowed to practice in those states that recognize the CITA examination?

As the testing agency responsible for administering the examination, CITA has provided to the Boards of the recognizing states information sufficient to establish that a score of 75 or more on each of the sections of the examination may represent an acceptable demonstration of competence to practice dentistry. However, each State Board of Dentistry is responsible for determining whether a candidate has fulfilled its standards and requirements for licensure. The State Boards’ determinations are controlled by state law; the requirements may not be uniform. Each licensing jurisdiction may use the examination results to the extent authorized by its statutes.

Do I have to send my National Board Scores to the CITA office?

In 2014, National Board Scores are only required for Dentist who are completing their exam cycle for CITA status and Dental Hygiene candidates. National Board score are not required for ADEX status.If you are looking for CITA status and you have successfully completed the National Board Examination, you will need to have the National Board office in Chicago ((312) 440-2678) forward your scores to the CITA office. Photocopies and/or your copies are not acceptable. Please have scores sent to: 1003 High House Road, Suite 101 Cary, NC 27513. Both the CITA office and the State Board of Dentistry in the state you plan to apply for licensure will EACH need a copy of your National Board Scores. Candidates will not be granted CITA status until the CITA office receives the National Board scores.

Do I need to obtain limited liability insurance?

No. CITA has purchased a blanket Professional Liability Insurance policy that covers all dental and dental hygiene candidates, and their assistants, for all CITA examinations. The cost of that coverage is included in CITA’s examination fee. Candidates who have purchased a policy in anticipation of an upcoming examination should contact their agent to see if a premium refund is possible.