Examination Results Information

Candidates taking the CITA exam prior to January 2014

Candidates taking the CITA exam beginning in January 2014

Release of Scores

Scores for all ADEX and CITA examinations are posted to candidate profiles within ten (10) business days after the candidate's examination is completed. Candidates will need their email and password to access their Brightlink online candidate profile and results. Candidate may print unofficial copies of their scores from their profile. 

Scores are not released at any time other than to the candidate with the exception of student candidates, whose scores are released to the dental schools who have entered into a confidentiality agreement with CITA and to state boards when a candidate’s conduct or performance raises issues of character and/or fitness that CITA feels such information should be made known to a licensure board. 

Upon successful completion of the CITA or ADEX examination scores are automatically released to the member states of CITA within five (5) business. Upon written authorized from the candidate, scores are released to other jurisdictions. 

Duplicate Scores

For non-member states and for duplicate scores: Scores will be reported upon receipt of a written request signed by the candidate. This form may be obtained by downloading it from the CITA website (see below) or contacting the CITA office.  The  request must include the following:

  • Candidate’s name, mailing address and telephone number
  • Candidate’s name at time of examination
  • Candidate’s social security number
  • Year in which the CITA clinical examination was completed
  • Address to which the results are to be sent
  • Certified Check, Cashier's Check or Money order in the sum of $35 per each address to where the scores are to be forwarded

If the candidate wishes to have the Candidate’s Manual sent along with the scores to provide an explanation of scores, the fee is an additional $50 per manual.  All fees must be remitted in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted. 

Download Request Form