CITA Status

CITA Status” is achieved when a candidate has successfully completed the Part I written assessment of cognitive demand skill sets, (the National Boards Parts I and II is currently employed by CITA to measure cognitive demand skill sets) and has achieved a score of seventy-five (75) or greater on Parts II, III, IV and V of the CITA clinical examination (scoring is discussed later in this manual). Once a candidate has successfullycompleted all five (5) Parts of the examination,the candidate will typically have fulfilledthe clinical examination requirement in those states which recognize and accept CITA’s examination as fulfilling their clinical licensure requirements.  Please note that depending on the requirements of each state,some states may require an additional module or competency.  Candidates should contact the state in which they wish to practice to confirm all requirements for licensure in that state, prior to beginning any activity or activities which may constitute the practice of dentistry.  For purposes of this discussion, the word “state” encompasses all licensing jurisdictions which are not considered as states, i.e., territories and the District of Columbia.

Once a candidate has successfully passed all Parts of the CITA examination and has provided proof of successful completion of the Joint Commission’s National Boards Part I and II, within the designated CITA time frame, a certification of CITA status is automatically distributed to all CITA member state boards.  These results may be accepted by state boards for a period of five (5) years from the date of each candidate’s successful completion of the CITA examinaCITA Status Certificatetion, or for a different time period as determined by the individual state boards.  Candidates should contact the individual state boards of dentistry to ascertain that board’s acceptance period for this examination and those other requirements that the candidate must fulfill to meet its standards and requirements for licensure. In other words, completion of the CITA and National Board examinations, alone, WILL NOT qualify a candidate for licensure, as other requirements within each of the jurisdictions MUST be fulfilled prior to the candidate engaging in any activity, or activities which may be construed as the practice of dentistry. It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to determine that all requirements have been met in the jurisdiction in which they wish to practice prior to performing those acts which may constitute the practice of dentistry.

Determinations as to who is qualified for licensure are controlled by individual state law; consequently, the requirements may not be uniform from state-to-state.  Each licensing jurisdiction may use the examination results to the extent authorized by its statutes. CITA will send an electronic listing of those candidates who have attained CITA status to the appropriate member state boards no later than five (5) business days after the examination results have been mailed to candidates.

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